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"enna solla pogiraai?" from kandukondein kandukondein

Song: Enna solla pogirai
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Music: A R Rehman
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan (won a Silver Lotus Award for Best Male playback singer for this song)
Actors: Ajith and Tabu

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enna solla pogiraai?
*What are you going to say?

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum
* It takes just one moment to say "no"

illai endra sollai thaanguvathu endraal..
* to withstand the "no" word
innum enakor jenmam vendum
* I need one more life-time (birth)

enna solla pogiraai?
* What are you going to say?

sandhana thendralai jannalgal dhandithal... nyaayama? nyaayama?
* For the windows to punish sandal breeze.. is it fair? is it fair?

kaadhalin kelviku kangalin bathil enna mounama? mounama?
* For the love's question, what are eye's answer? is it silence? is it silence?

anbe endhan kaathal solla nodi ondru pothume..
* (my) love, it takes just a moment to convey my love..
adhai naanum meipikkadhaane oru aayul vendume ..
* for me to prove it, I need one life-time

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum

illai endra sollai thaangu-vathu endraal..
innum enakor jenmam vendum

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai

sandhana thendralai jannalgal dhandithal.. nyaayama? nyaayama?

kaadhalin kelviku kangalil bathil enna.. mounama? mounama?

anbe endhan kaathal solla nodi ondru pothume..
adhai naanum meipikkadhaane oru aayul vendume ..

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum

illai endra sollai thaanguvathu endraal..
innum enakor jenmam vendum

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai

idhayam or kannaadi..unathu bimbam vizhunthathadi..
* (My) Heart is a mirror.. your image fell on it
idhuthaan un sondham idhayam sonnathadi
* Heart told (me), this is your relation [meaning: she is the One]

kannadi bimbam katta kayiru ondrum illaiyadi
* There is no rope to tie the image (that fell on the mirror)
kannadi oonjal bimbam aanathadi
* mirror image became a swing [literal: mirror swing image became]

nee ondru solladi penne
* You tell just a word, lady
illai nindru kolladi en kanne
* Or just stand and kill (me), my love [literal: my eyes]

endhan vaazhkaiye undhan vizhi viLambil
* My whole life is in the tips of your eyes
ennai thurathaadhe uyir karai yeraadhe
* Don't chase me.. or else my soul won't reach the shore

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum

illai endra sollai thaangu-vathu endraal..
innum enakor jenmam vendum

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai

sandhana thendralai jannalgal dhandithal.. nyaayama? nyaayama?

kaadhalin kelviku kangalin bathil enna.. mounama? mounama?

vidiyal vandha pinnaalum..vidiyaadha iravu edhu?
* Even after the sunrise, which is the night that hasn't finished yet?
poo vaasam veesum undhan koonthaladi
* It's your hair that is filled with fragrances of flowers

ivvulagam irunda pinnum..irulaadha baagam edhu?
* Even after this earth has darkened, what is that which hasn't become dark?
kadhir vandhu paayum undhan kangaladi
* It's your eyes that are filled with rays of light [literal: light that pierces from your eyes]

pala ulaga azhagigal koodi..un paatham kazhuvalaam vaadi
* Let a lot of world beauties gather and let (them/us) wash your feet..
en thalir malare..innum thayakkam enna? ennai puriyaatha
* my tender flower.. still why you hestitate? don't you understand me?
idhu vaazhvaa saava?
* is this life or death?

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
nyaayama? nyaayama?
enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
mounama? mounama?
enna solla pogiraai

The guy is seeking to know if his beloved is accepting his love or not. And he is pleading her to answer him; he shows desperation. The picturization of the song adds much beauty; the usage of the desert and the parched lands highlight the guy's desperation; the suggestion of thirst and the girl feeding him water relates to the guy's thirst for love.

He asks her whats her reply and in case she says no, he talks about how difficult it is for him to withstand it. The line talking about 'my soul won't reach shores' conveys a higher spiritual meaning -- in hinduism, each soul goes thru' several births to reach the ultimate destination, the Self (or the God/Existence). So one interpretation is he says if this desire of his is unfulfilled, he won't reach the ultimate destination.

The lines talking about bimbam (image/reflection) is a bit intriguing. I'm not fully sure of the meaning of 'kannaadi oonjal bimbam aanathu'; in the previous line.. it says the heart is the mirror (kannaadi). So translating literally, it means 'the heart swing has become image'.. this doesn't make sense.. I think he seems to convey her image in his heart has started to move like a swing/pendulum .. so 'kannadi bimbam oonjal aanathu' is what is implied so it's just a transposition of the words oonjal and bimbam. Let me know if you think of a different interpretation.

It's nice to see in the picturization, tabu does indeed answer "yes" by giving her hand :) she places her palm on ajith's. I like the line which says.. "let the beauties of the world wash your feet" and the shot where tabu looks at the camera (on the line which sings about the piercing rays of light from your eyes, it lasts for a fraction of a second). Also the lines that talk about her dark hair and powerful eyes.

BTW most lines end with 'di' .. it's a very informal/friendly way to address a girl in tamil.. like 'vaa' is 'to come'; vaadi is 'to come' addressed in a very colloquial/friendly way. similary 'po' is go.. 'podi' is go in an informal tone. Note this mode is also used in a disrespectful way in other situations.

enna=what, illai=no, sol=word, sandanam = sandal, thendral=breeze, jannal=window, jenman=life-time/(birth/death cycle), nyayam=fairness, kelvi=question, mounnam=silence, kaadhal=love, mei=true (meipikka=to make something true)

idhayam=heart, kannaadi=mirror, bimbam=image/reflection (as on a mirror/water), somdham=relation/relationship (like father/uncle/aunt), kattuthal = to tie (as in a rope), kayiru=rope, oojal=swing, kol=to kill, kann=eyes, vizhi=eyes, vizhambu=it's like the tip/rim of say a vessel/bucket (here comparing the eyes to be like a vessel/pot), vidiyal=sunrise, iravu=night, poo=flower, vaasam=fragrance, irunda=to get dark, paagam/baagam=part, ethu=which/what, kadhir=ray (of light), paayum=jump/pierce (as an arrow), ulagam=world, azhagi=beauty (lady), koodi=gather (as a meeting), paatham=feet, kazhuval=to wash/rinse (as to clean/purify), thalir=tender (as a newly formed leaf), malar=flower, thayakam=to hesitate, puriyum=to understand, vaazhvu=life, saavu=death

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At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Banu said...

I think he is attempting to keep the image that has fallen on the mirror(his heart), however, no rope can do that.

Thus, literally 'image of a rope to the mirror' which creates a 'image of a mirror swing' (kannadi oonjal), remains as a image (illusion) only and is not real. Bimbam can also be translated as 'illusion' or 'maayai' in Tamil. This is how I interpret.. :)

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Karthik Gurusamy said...

sure banu, yep he says he can't hold on to the he says there is no rope to tie it down.

Thus the image seem to start to sway (since he can't hold it in place) like a swing. And yep, there is the meaning of these remaining just an illusion and not becoming real.

We can also see as 'once the image fell on the heart, it disturbed it and the heart with the image, started to sway like a swing/oojal'.. not sure what Vairamuthu had in mind :)

yeah 'illusion' seems appropriate at times.. tamil is so rich, it's not easy to catch the whole mood in English..the same word means different things at different times.

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anand Ayyar said...

Karthik, I much appreciate your effort to explain this beautiful song line by line & also listing the dictionary of words at the end. Helps to take my meager understanding of Tamil a notch higher. A couple of suggestions:
- For "un sondham", rather than "relation" I would prefer to say "belongs/my own", meaning the heart considers she belongs to him.

- I think the oonjal line is "kannadi oonjal bimbam aadhudhadi", not aanadhadi, which could be interpreted as his heart is rocking her image on a swing.



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