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Meow meow poona from Kanthaswamy

Song: Meow Meow Poona
Lyrics: Viveka
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Singer: Priya Himesh, Vikram
Actors: Shriya and Vikram [Shriya won best actress award for this movie]

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Meow meow.. meow meow

heyy.. meow meow poona ada meesai illa poona
* [literal: hey meow meow [the sound a cat makes] cat, a cat without moustache (meaning vikram has no mouche?)]
hey meow meow poona, meesai illa poona

thiridi thinna paakuriya thimusu katta meena?
* are you trying to steal and eat the (fat/sumptuous like a thick wooden block) fish
[thimusu kattai is a thick wooden stick/block of wood, usually used as an excercise equipment? which guys lift up n down like a dumbell. Here signifies how fat/plump the fish is! can't relate it to shirya's ..thighs?? :)]
[cat here denotes the guy, vikram.. and he is trying to get to the plump fish.. shirya... so she is asking if you are trying to do that. "thirudi thinna" is a funny colloquial usage when one steals a food item and eat it

meow meow poona, veeta thedum poona
* meow meow cat, the one searching the home

"choo po" nu veratta maatean, unga appa mela aana
* I won't chase you away as "choo po".. (I) promise you over your father
[wow... already future father-in-law is being used here.... :)]

one: namma idhayam onnu
two: nam udalthaan rendu
three: naam onna sendhaa aavom moonu
* one: our heart is one
* two: our bodies are two
* three: If we join together, we will make three
[In all the following, the 'punch' is in the three.. here of course the suggestion is they'll make a baby to make it three once they come together]

one: un paarvai onnu
two: adhil artham rendu
three: adhu sollu thoondum vaartha moonu
* one: your look is one
* two: in that meaning is two (ie hidden/double/suggestive meaning in your look)
* three: it's provoking to say three words [ should be "i love you"]

<...hey meow meow poona. ..>

vegathukku naan pazhasu
* I'm used to speed .. suggesting she is fast/active/aggressive [oops.. i guess i'm using double meaning here!! lol]
vetkathukku ada naan pudhusu
* I'm new to shyness .. .suggesting she is not used to feeling shy
modhalukku naan pazhasu
* I'm used to (old to) hitting/banging/fight.. [I guess the word bang is probably more fitting... given the rest of the situation.. ;)]
ada kaadhalukku naan pudhusu
* I'm new to love [suggestion being not new to lust(?!) but new to love?]

one: nam methai onnu
two: adhil thookam rendu
three: adhil nitham venum yudham moonu
* one: Our bed is one
* two: In that there are two sleeps [ie we both sleep together]
* three: In that daily/every-night (we) need three wars/battles [wow.. I guess here we enter the region of R-rated ness]

one: un iduppu onnu
two: adhil uduppu rendu
three: adhil venum kadicha thadippu moonu

*one: your hip is one
*two: In that, there are two clothes [ suggesting bikini like two piece cloth]
*three: In that, (we) need three bite marks [that he will bite her and make three marks!!]

<..hey meow meow poona ..>

koochathukku leave-vu kudu
* please give leave/holiday to shyness [drop your shyness]
dhegathukku novu kudu
* give disease to the body [hmm.. meaning make the body hot/ or make the body burn with desires]
aadaigalai dhoora vidu
* leave (your) clothes far away [ ..get naked ..]
aasaigalai sera vidu
* allow the desires to come together to join [let mine and your desire join..and not just stand apart]

one: nam mutham onnu
two: adhil etchil rendu
three: andha bodhaiyil marakkum kaalam moonu
* one: our kiss is one
* two: in that there are two saliva [of must be a french kiss!]
* three: In that intoxication, (we) will forget the three times [basically past/present/future will be forgotten.. like we in a trance]

one: un meni onnu
two: adhil theni rendu
three: ennai kottum naale honey-moon-u
* one: your body/skin is one
* two: In that, there are two honey bees [hmm.. what he means by two honey-bees? not eyes.. something to do with the two-piece cloth?? I will leave it to your imagination.. :)]
* three: The day (the honeybee) strings me is (my/our) honey-moon [here there is no literal number three.. but nicely the word honeymoon is used... so when the above said parts hits him, he says it's honeymoon]

<..hey meow meow poona...>

This is such a fun filled hot sensuous song; I bet if Buddha had seen shriya in this song, he would have renounced his renunciation :) poor bodhi tree can't stand a chance wooing him back!

This style of asking one/two/three is something novel and it's cool to see really funny meanings; I was surprised it was not some junk list of words.. but well thought out list of the one-two-three lines. It's a style of asking something to denote 'one'.. something to denote 'two'..and coming up with a result to stand for 'three'

I love the double/tripple meanings..and so many hidden meanings in the's clean n naughty at the same time. and no words are needed for the picturization (wondering how one feels seeing this song when not sober! ;) ).

poona=cat, meesai=moustache, thimsu-kattai=a kind of body-building wt, like dumbell..made of wood (looks like a fat baseball bat), veedu=house, thaedal=to search, aana=promise, idhayam=heart, udal=body, paarvai=look, thoondum=to provoke, 'chu po'=like shoo away, vegam=speed, vetkam=shyness, modhal=hit/strike/bang, kaadhal=love, methai=bed, thookam=sleep, yudham=war/battle, iduppu=hip, uduppu=cloth, thadippu=mark on skin like a bite-mark/insect-bite (raised/bloated skin), koocham=shyness, kudu=give, dhegam=skin/body, novu=disease, aasai=wish, mutham=kiss, etchil=saliva, bodhai=intoxication, kaalam=time (like past/present/future), meni=body/skin of whole body, theni=honey-bee, kottum=to sting (like a bee)


At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't cat without moustache, it is cat without whiskers

At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol!! good translation! i was looking for wat the hell the song meant...i culd guess from the choreography of the video that it needs a child-lock...but the lyrics beat the video!

At 12:59 PM, Blogger Karthik Gurusamy said...

yeah.. lyrics with deeeeppp meanings! ;)

At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rasikannnn da neee .... :)

At 5:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is yet another meaning to meesa Illa Poona. It means Shriya's shaven dash dash dash. Dhimsugatta meenu is Vikram ' dash dash which is as hard as a wooden log.


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