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Vaseegara from Minnale

Song: Vaseegara
Movie: Minnale (2001)
Lyrics: Thamarai
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Singer: Bombay Jayashree

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vaseegara, en nenjinikka un pon madiyil thoonginaal podhum
O captivator, it's enough if I can sleep on your golden lap (while my heart fills with sweetness)
literal: O captivator, as my heart fills with sweetness, on your golden lap, if i can sleep -- that is enough
nenjinikka = nenju inikka .. heart feeling sweetness

adhe kanam en kan uranga(a) mun jenmangalin yaekkangal theerum
At the same moment, when my eyes are awake, all my previous birth's longings will get fulfilled..
literal: at the same moment, when my eyes are not sleeping, previous birth's longings will get fulfilled

There are two interpretations.. urangaa=not sleep; uranga=sleep.
I assume it's urangaa and not uranga
Since in the previous line she says,she wants to sleep in his lap, I assume in the second line she wants to lie in his lap and be awake.

naan nesipathum swasipathum un dhayavaal dhaane
Only because of your grace, I love, I breath.
literal: I love and I breathe, it's because of your love/grace.
Only while researching on this line, I came to know that the very common usage 'dhayavu seithu' (meaning 'please') ..literally means "with/using love/grace (anbu/arul)"

yengugirean thaengugirean un ninaivaal naane naan (?or thaan?)
On your memories, I'm longing, I'm being disturbed (with sadness)
literal: I'm longing, I'm disturbed, because of your memories (thoughts) -- I am I am [thaan would mean.. it's only I]

thaenguthal = is to stall; another meaning is mind/heart getting disturbed (manam kalanguthal)... because of sadness.

adai mazhai varum adhil nanaivome
Let's get drenched (together) in a heavy rain
literal: heavy rain will come, in it, let's get wet/drenched

kuLir kaaichalodu sneham
Let us love ..when shivering in cold
literal: With cold (shivering) fever, love
The suggestion being after getting drenched together in a heavy rain, we feel cold and we shiver and embrace

oru porvaikkul iru thookkam
We sleep under the same bed-cloth/comforter
literal: One bed-sheet, two sleeps
Continuing from previous lines, suggest that we feel cold and sleep off together covering us together with the same/single bed cloth (it's a very thin comforter/large shawl)

kulu kulu poigal solli..enai velvaai
adhu therindhum kooda anbe
manam adhaiyeethaan edhirpaarkum
With sweet lies, you win me over; I know they are lies -- but still I keep expecting them.
literal: by telling cool lies, you win over me
Even knowing that (ie you are lying), my love,
(my) heart keeps longing/expecting them

She says she knows he is lying; and with lies he wins her over.. and she enjoys his lies and looks forward to hearing his sweet/cool lies

engeyum pogaamal dhinam veetileye nee vendum
Everyday, I want you to just stay inside home with me, without leaving for anywhere.
literal: Not going anywhere, daily, I want you inside home

Wondering what they will do for 'boova' :) [I guess he logs in VPN and sends a "not feeling well" PTO email to his manager]

sila samayam vilayaataai, un aadaikulle naan vendum
Just for fun, I want to wear your shirt
literal: Sometime, for fun, I want to be inside your garment/shirt

In olden times, in poorer families, girls wear shirts of their brothers; Seems to convey such love.

dhinamum nee kuLithathum enai thaedi
en selai nuniyaal undhan thalai thudaipaaye, adhu kavidhai

After your shower, you search for me and dry your hair with my saree -- that is poetry.
literal: daily, after your shower/bath, you search for me
and with the tip/edge of my saree, you'll dry/pat your head/hair, .. that is poetry.

thirudan pol padhungi dhideer endru
pinnal irundhu ennai anaipaaye, adhu kavidhai

Suddenly like a hiding thief, you'll embrace me from behind and surprise me -- that is poetry.
literal: Like a thief, you'll crouch, and suddenly (as to give a shock)
from behind (me), you'll embrace me.. - that is poetry.

I guess this is a common movie scene, where the wife is usually cooking and looking towards the stove and the guy comes behind and hugs her.
[seems only happens in movies? ;)]

yaarenum mani kaetaal adhai solla kooda theriyaadhe
kaadhal ennum mudi veLiyil
gadikaara neram kidayaadhe

In the land of love, there is no meaning to time

literal: If someone asks for time, we can't answer (as we have no clue what time is now..or how much time has passed)
In the top-land of love, there is nothing like time as a clock conveys

Suggests when they are together in love, time freezes; mudi-veLi= I guess it means top-veLi is like a place (vinveLi=space).. so it talks about such a land of love.
In such a land, time loses its meaning. time doesn't exist. [steven hawkins/einstein can have some explanation for 'time does't exist'] :)


some almost inaudible lines .. like '..mudhaal illa .. ' I can't make out what those lines are.. or if they mean something.

The girl sings this sweet romantic song thinking about her lover. Sings about simple sweet acts of love like lying in his lap, getting drenched together in rain, wearing his clothes, his using her saree to dry his hair. The lyricist is Thamarai.. and some of her songs uses rich beautiful almost poetic Tamil. Say in this song words like vaseegara, mudiveLi, thengugirean are words not in common usage. The cinematography of this song doesn't do justice to the song's tenderness... I recall some youtube comment..saying "pole-dancing, WTF?!!' :) And what is the nonsense of the girl/guy taking shower together scene?? I guess someone got confused between love and lust; reminds me of some scene from a malayalam movie in gaiety theater!

vaseegara=captivator (vaseegaram from vasam.. is to hold/control someone as if in a spell; similar to an insect fallen into a spider's web..we can say the insect has gone under the spider's vaseegaram), nenjam/nenju=heart, inikka/inippu=sweet, pon=gold, madi=lap, thookam=sleep, ganam=moment/instant, urakkam=sleep, uranga=to sleep, mun=previous, jenmam=birth (as in birth-death cycle/reincarnation), yeakkam=longings (deep unfilled desires), theerum=to get fulfilled, nesippu=to love/like, swasam=breath, dhayavu=grace/love/kindness, yengudhal=to long/to pine, theangudhal=to get disturbed in mind due to sadness (manam kalangudhal)..the normal meaning is to stall/stagnate (water/thanni thenguthal).but here the meaning is 'mind disturbance', ninaivu=memories/thoughts, adai mazhai= heavy rain (downpour like monsoon in south india.. note in a hot place like india unlike western countries, people enjoy getting drenched to feel the coolness of the rain), kulir kaaichal= shivering cold fever, sneham=love, porvai=a bedsheet kind of thin cloth used to wrap oneself during sleep (like comforter..but much thinner so suited for warm weather), thookam=sleep, kulu-kulu=a phrase to denote coolness like cool-cool, poi=lie, veL=to win (over), edhirpaarthal=to expect, to eagerly await, dhinam=daily, vilayaatu= a game/fun/sport, aadai=cloth/garment (like shirt, dhoti), kulithal=to bathe/shower, selai=saree, nuni=tip (here the trail/loose end of the saree), thalai=head, thudaithal=to pat-dry/rub, thirudan=theif, padhungi=to crouch/hide, dhideer=expression to show suddeness (interjection?), pinnal=behind, anaithal=to embrace/hug, kavithai=poetry/poem, yaarenum=someone, mani=time, mudiveLi=top-land -- I interpret this as mudi+veLi .. mudi is top (like mudimannan, mudichoodhal), veLi is land/space (as in vinveLi, vettaveLi) .. just to suggest in some space/land of love, gadigaaram=clock/watch (as in wall-clock)

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At 4:13 AM, Anonymous pohlynn said...

Thanks! People like me need this kind of translations. Keep up the good work! And I hope you don't mind me sharing your work with others. I pasted a direct link to your blog on my fb account. ^^ cheers!

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Karthik Gurusamy said...

Nice to know you enjoyed it, pohlynn. :)

At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really coool!

I think that is "en kannuranga".. meaning " At the same time, as my eyes sleep, my previous birth longings will get fulfilled..."

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Karthik Gurusamy said...

right.. that's probably the common way to interpret.. as to sleep.. if listened carefully it seem to mean urangaa (urangaa is not sleep, uranga is sleep). I do see it's more normal to interpret as sleep in this context. But I believe she really doesn't want to go to sleep ;)


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