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Mannil indha kaadhal andri from "Keladi Kanmani"

Song: Mannil indha kaadhal andri
Movie: Keladi Kanmani (1990)
Lyrics: ??
Music: Ilayaraja
Singer: S P Balasubrahmanyam
Actors: S P Balasubrahmanyam, Radhika

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youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6DKlaUul1I

Mannil indha kaadhal andri, yaarum vaazhthal koodumo
Is it possible to live on this earth, without love?
literal: On earth (soil), without this love, can anyone live?

ennam kanni paavai indri, yezhu swaram thaan paadumo
Will the seven notes (of music) sing, without the thought of the maiden girl?
literal: Without the virgin girl's thought, will the 7 notes sing?
He says music goes mute if it's not for the thought of the girl. (7 swaram are the 'sa re ga.. ' notes in music)

penmai indri mannil, inbam yedhada?
Where is the pleasure on this earth, without woman?
literal: Without the feminine, on this earth, where is the pleasure?

kannai moodi kanavil vaazhum maanida
(tell me how...you) man who is living with eyes closed in a dream
I guess the poet wants to convey man is living asleep.. unaware falsely believing that he can find happiness without woman/love.
So more than dreaming, the man is asleep/unconscious.

In the next stanza, he sings how the materialistic world with all its beauty is useless and will fail to give pleasure without the girl's company.

vennilavum, ponni nadhiyum, kanniyin thunai indri
enna sugam ingu padaikum, penmayin sugam andri
What pleasure can the white-moon and river cauvery give, without the company of the maiden, without her pleasure?
literal: white-moon, ponni river (the sacred cauvery river), without the virgin's company
what pleasure can they serve? in the absence of feminine pleasure.

sandhanamum, sanga thamizhum, pongidum vasanthamum
sandal (as in sandal wood) and sanga tamil (sangam=a golden age in tamil literature) and raising/overflowing spring (as in season)

sindhi varum pongum amutham thangidum kumudhamum
A lotus filled with overflowing and spilling amudham (a heavenly food/delicacy)
literal: .. spilling and overflowing (it comes) amudham which comes and stays inside a lotus.. and that lotus (..below will fail to give pleasure ..)

kanni magal arugil irundhaal suvaikum
(all these) will taste sweet, if the maiden is next to me
literal: if the virgin girl is close by, they will taste (good/sweet)

kanni thunai izhandhaal muzhudhum kasakkum
If the maiden's company is lost, they fully taste bitter.
literal: On losing the virgin's company, completely (they) taste bitter

vizhiyinil mozhiyinil nadaiyinil udaiyinil
In her eyes, in her talks, in her walk, in her dress
literal: In eye, in language, in walk, in garment

adhisaya sugam tharum anangu ival pirappu ithu thaan
She is the goddess that serves wondrous bliss
literal: that which gives wondrous pleasure, is this goddess/angel (which was created by her birth)

<mannil indha..>

In the next stanza, he praises each of the body parts of the girl.. about her lips, eyes, hips, fingers...

muthu mani rathinangalum, kattiya pavazhamum,
kothu malar arputhangalum kuvintha adharamum,
A heap made of wondrous bouquet of red flowers, pearl like beads of rubies and solid pavazham (another red precious stone)... are your lips.
literal: pearl like beads of rubies and solid pavazham (a red color opaque precious stone)
bouquet of red flowers .. (all these) wonders... (came to make a heap).. heap .. (are your) lips.
kothu malar: I assume it's a flower size of a large rose, with many small red flowers bunched together.. I guess they are called 'idly poo'.
adharam is a poetic word for lips

sitridaiyum, sinna viralum, villenum puruvamum,
the slender hip, slender fingers, bow like eyebrows

sutrivara seiyum vizhiyum, sundara mozhigalum
The eyes that attract, the beautiful voice
literal: the eyes that make one go around (her)
Seems her eyes are so attractive/magnetic that one will be made to keep coming towards her

yennivida maranthaal yedharkor piravi?
If one forgets (these), what's the use of taking birth?
literal: If forgetting to remember, what's the use of (this/one) birth?

ithanaiyum izhandhaal avan thaan thuravi
Only he is a true renouncer, if he loses all these
literal: lose all these.. only that man is a renouncer/sadhu

mudi mudhal adi varai muzhuvathum sugam tharum
Completely from the top to bottom (from head to toe), (you) giving pleasure

virundhugal padaithidum arangamum aval allava?
Isn't she(her body) the stage(/a dining hall) that delivers such a feast
literal: (such a) feast delivering stage, isn't she (or her body as going by previous lines)

The guy sings in praise of the glory of woman and love. He sings in praise of the general woman unlike most romantic songs where the lover addresses his specific beloved.
He sings how the natural beauties (like moon, river) are useless and loses their ability to give pleasure in the absence of woman. The other stanza praises the beauty of her body - each of the parts like eyes, lips, hips. SPB sings in a single breath each of the two main stanzas of the song.

I wonder at the rich poetic tamil used in this song; such high density and depth of meanings using so few a words. Specifically the line that extols her lips. I love best the lines:
'penmai indri mannil inbam yedhada?' (where is the pleasure on this earth, without woman?) and
'...yennivida maranthaal yedharkor piravi?' ( what's the use of taking birth, if you forget to remember (her beauty))

mann=soil (earth), andri/indri=without, ennam=thoughts, kanni=virgin, paavai=girl, penmai=feminine/woman-hood, inbam=pleasure/happiness, maanidam=mankind, kanavu=dream,
venn/venmai=white, nila=moon, nathi=river, ponni-nathi=cauvery, thunai=company, sugam=pleasure,vasandham=spring season, ponguthal=to raise/overflow (as a boiling pot), sindhuthal=spilling (like a overlowing bucket), thanguthal=to stay/contain, kumudham=lotus, kasappu=bitter (taste), vizhi=eye, mozhi=language/voice, nadai=walk, udai=dress/garment, adhisayam=wonder, anangu=god like woman, goddess, angel --- this is a poetic literary word, pirappu=birth, muthu=pearl, mani=bead, rathinam=ruby, katti=solid, pavazham=a red opaque precious stone.. usually used big in jewellery like rings, kothu-malar=a flower size of a very big rose which has lots (100s) of small red flowers inside, kuvindha/kuvippu=heap (like a heap of grains), adharam=lips (this is poetic usage), villu=bow (as in bow and arrow), puruvam=eye-brows, suttri-vara=to make one go and come around (as you do around a temple..circum.(??locate?)), marandhal=to forget, edharku=why, piravi=birth, thuravi=renouncer/saint/sadhu, mudi=top (like mountain summit, here head), adi=bottom (here ..feet/toes), muzhuvathum=fully/completely, virundhu=feast (as a wedding food), arangam=stage/auditorium ..where a performace (like dance/concert) takes place

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Vaseegara from Minnale

Song: Vaseegara
Movie: Minnale (2001)
Lyrics: Thamarai
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Singer: Bombay Jayashree

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youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NhKaWr3Mx4

vaseegara, en nenjinikka un pon madiyil thoonginaal podhum
O captivator, it's enough if I can sleep on your golden lap (while my heart fills with sweetness)
literal: O captivator, as my heart fills with sweetness, on your golden lap, if i can sleep -- that is enough
nenjinikka = nenju inikka .. heart feeling sweetness

adhe kanam en kan uranga(a) mun jenmangalin yaekkangal theerum
At the same moment, when my eyes are awake, all my previous birth's longings will get fulfilled..
literal: at the same moment, when my eyes are not sleeping, previous birth's longings will get fulfilled

There are two interpretations.. urangaa=not sleep; uranga=sleep.
I assume it's urangaa and not uranga
Since in the previous line she says,she wants to sleep in his lap, I assume in the second line she wants to lie in his lap and be awake.

naan nesipathum swasipathum un dhayavaal dhaane
Only because of your grace, I love, I breath.
literal: I love and I breathe, it's because of your love/grace.
Only while researching on this line, I came to know that the very common usage 'dhayavu seithu' (meaning 'please') ..literally means "with/using love/grace (anbu/arul)"

yengugirean thaengugirean un ninaivaal naane naan (?or thaan?)
On your memories, I'm longing, I'm being disturbed (with sadness)
literal: I'm longing, I'm disturbed, because of your memories (thoughts) -- I am I am [thaan would mean.. it's only I]

thaenguthal = is to stall; another meaning is mind/heart getting disturbed (manam kalanguthal)... because of sadness.

adai mazhai varum adhil nanaivome
Let's get drenched (together) in a heavy rain
literal: heavy rain will come, in it, let's get wet/drenched

kuLir kaaichalodu sneham
Let us love ..when shivering in cold
literal: With cold (shivering) fever, love
The suggestion being after getting drenched together in a heavy rain, we feel cold and we shiver and embrace

oru porvaikkul iru thookkam
We sleep under the same bed-cloth/comforter
literal: One bed-sheet, two sleeps
Continuing from previous lines, suggest that we feel cold and sleep off together covering us together with the same/single bed cloth (it's a very thin comforter/large shawl)

kulu kulu poigal solli..enai velvaai
adhu therindhum kooda anbe
manam adhaiyeethaan edhirpaarkum
With sweet lies, you win me over; I know they are lies -- but still I keep expecting them.
literal: by telling cool lies, you win over me
Even knowing that (ie you are lying), my love,
(my) heart keeps longing/expecting them

She says she knows he is lying; and with lies he wins her over.. and she enjoys his lies and looks forward to hearing his sweet/cool lies

engeyum pogaamal dhinam veetileye nee vendum
Everyday, I want you to just stay inside home with me, without leaving for anywhere.
literal: Not going anywhere, daily, I want you inside home

Wondering what they will do for 'boova' :) [I guess he logs in VPN and sends a "not feeling well" PTO email to his manager]

sila samayam vilayaataai, un aadaikulle naan vendum
Just for fun, I want to wear your shirt
literal: Sometime, for fun, I want to be inside your garment/shirt

In olden times, in poorer families, girls wear shirts of their brothers; Seems to convey such love.

dhinamum nee kuLithathum enai thaedi
en selai nuniyaal undhan thalai thudaipaaye, adhu kavidhai

After your shower, you search for me and dry your hair with my saree -- that is poetry.
literal: daily, after your shower/bath, you search for me
and with the tip/edge of my saree, you'll dry/pat your head/hair, .. that is poetry.

thirudan pol padhungi dhideer endru
pinnal irundhu ennai anaipaaye, adhu kavidhai

Suddenly like a hiding thief, you'll embrace me from behind and surprise me -- that is poetry.
literal: Like a thief, you'll crouch, and suddenly (as to give a shock)
from behind (me), you'll embrace me.. - that is poetry.

I guess this is a common movie scene, where the wife is usually cooking and looking towards the stove and the guy comes behind and hugs her.
[seems only happens in movies? ;)]

yaarenum mani kaetaal adhai solla kooda theriyaadhe
kaadhal ennum mudi veLiyil
gadikaara neram kidayaadhe

In the land of love, there is no meaning to time

literal: If someone asks for time, we can't answer (as we have no clue what time is now..or how much time has passed)
In the top-land of love, there is nothing like time as a clock conveys

Suggests when they are together in love, time freezes; mudi-veLi= I guess it means top-veLi is like a place (vinveLi=space).. so it talks about such a land of love.
In such a land, time loses its meaning. time doesn't exist. [steven hawkins/einstein can have some explanation for 'time does't exist'] :)


some almost inaudible lines .. like '..mudhaal illa .. ' I can't make out what those lines are.. or if they mean something.

The girl sings this sweet romantic song thinking about her lover. Sings about simple sweet acts of love like lying in his lap, getting drenched together in rain, wearing his clothes, his using her saree to dry his hair. The lyricist is Thamarai.. and some of her songs uses rich beautiful almost poetic Tamil. Say in this song words like vaseegara, mudiveLi, thengugirean are words not in common usage. The cinematography of this song doesn't do justice to the song's tenderness... I recall some youtube comment..saying "pole-dancing, WTF?!!' :) And what is the nonsense of the girl/guy taking shower together scene?? I guess someone got confused between love and lust; reminds me of some scene from a malayalam movie in gaiety theater!

vaseegara=captivator (vaseegaram from vasam.. is to hold/control someone as if in a spell; similar to an insect fallen into a spider's web..we can say the insect has gone under the spider's vaseegaram), nenjam/nenju=heart, inikka/inippu=sweet, pon=gold, madi=lap, thookam=sleep, ganam=moment/instant, urakkam=sleep, uranga=to sleep, mun=previous, jenmam=birth (as in birth-death cycle/reincarnation), yeakkam=longings (deep unfilled desires), theerum=to get fulfilled, nesippu=to love/like, swasam=breath, dhayavu=grace/love/kindness, yengudhal=to long/to pine, theangudhal=to get disturbed in mind due to sadness (manam kalangudhal)..the normal meaning is to stall/stagnate (water/thanni thenguthal).but here the meaning is 'mind disturbance', ninaivu=memories/thoughts, adai mazhai= heavy rain (downpour like monsoon in south india.. note in a hot place like india unlike western countries, people enjoy getting drenched to feel the coolness of the rain), kulir kaaichal= shivering cold fever, sneham=love, porvai=a bedsheet kind of thin cloth used to wrap oneself during sleep (like comforter..but much thinner so suited for warm weather), thookam=sleep, kulu-kulu=a phrase to denote coolness like cool-cool, poi=lie, veL=to win (over), edhirpaarthal=to expect, to eagerly await, dhinam=daily, vilayaatu= a game/fun/sport, aadai=cloth/garment (like shirt, dhoti), kulithal=to bathe/shower, selai=saree, nuni=tip (here the trail/loose end of the saree), thalai=head, thudaithal=to pat-dry/rub, thirudan=theif, padhungi=to crouch/hide, dhideer=expression to show suddeness (interjection?), pinnal=behind, anaithal=to embrace/hug, kavithai=poetry/poem, yaarenum=someone, mani=time, mudiveLi=top-land -- I interpret this as mudi+veLi .. mudi is top (like mudimannan, mudichoodhal), veLi is land/space (as in vinveLi, vettaveLi) .. just to suggest in some space/land of love, gadigaaram=clock/watch (as in wall-clock)

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Meow meow poona from Kanthaswamy

Song: Meow Meow Poona
Lyrics: Viveka
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Singer: Priya Himesh, Vikram
Actors: Shriya and Vikram [Shriya won best actress award for this movie]

search keywords: "meow meow poona, miyah miyah tamil song from kanthaswamy"

Meow meow.. meow meow

heyy.. meow meow poona ada meesai illa poona
* [literal: hey meow meow [the sound a cat makes] cat, a cat without moustache (meaning vikram has no mouche?)]
hey meow meow poona, meesai illa poona

thiridi thinna paakuriya thimusu katta meena?
* are you trying to steal and eat the (fat/sumptuous like a thick wooden block) fish
[thimusu kattai is a thick wooden stick/block of wood, usually used as an excercise equipment? which guys lift up n down like a dumbell. Here signifies how fat/plump the fish is! can't relate it to shirya's ..thighs?? :)]
[cat here denotes the guy, vikram.. and he is trying to get to the plump fish.. shirya... so she is asking if you are trying to do that. "thirudi thinna" is a funny colloquial usage when one steals a food item and eat it

meow meow poona, veeta thedum poona
* meow meow cat, the one searching the home

"choo po" nu veratta maatean, unga appa mela aana
* I won't chase you away as "choo po".. (I) promise you over your father
[wow... already future father-in-law is being used here.... :)]

one: namma idhayam onnu
two: nam udalthaan rendu
three: naam onna sendhaa aavom moonu
* one: our heart is one
* two: our bodies are two
* three: If we join together, we will make three
[In all the following, the 'punch' is in the three.. here of course the suggestion is they'll make a baby to make it three once they come together]

one: un paarvai onnu
two: adhil artham rendu
three: adhu sollu thoondum vaartha moonu
* one: your look is one
* two: in that meaning is two (ie hidden/double/suggestive meaning in your look)
* three: it's provoking to say three words [ should be "i love you"]

<...hey meow meow poona. ..>

vegathukku naan pazhasu
* I'm used to speed .. suggesting she is fast/active/aggressive [oops.. i guess i'm using double meaning here!! lol]
vetkathukku ada naan pudhusu
* I'm new to shyness .. .suggesting she is not used to feeling shy
modhalukku naan pazhasu
* I'm used to (old to) hitting/banging/fight.. [I guess the word bang is probably more fitting... given the rest of the situation.. ;)]
ada kaadhalukku naan pudhusu
* I'm new to love [suggestion being not new to lust(?!) but new to love?]

one: nam methai onnu
two: adhil thookam rendu
three: adhil nitham venum yudham moonu
* one: Our bed is one
* two: In that there are two sleeps [ie we both sleep together]
* three: In that daily/every-night (we) need three wars/battles [wow.. I guess here we enter the region of R-rated ness]

one: un iduppu onnu
two: adhil uduppu rendu
three: adhil venum kadicha thadippu moonu

*one: your hip is one
*two: In that, there are two clothes [ suggesting bikini like two piece cloth]
*three: In that, (we) need three bite marks [that he will bite her and make three marks!!]

<..hey meow meow poona ..>

koochathukku leave-vu kudu
* please give leave/holiday to shyness [drop your shyness]
dhegathukku novu kudu
* give disease to the body [hmm.. meaning make the body hot/ or make the body burn with desires]
aadaigalai dhoora vidu
* leave (your) clothes far away [ ..get naked ..]
aasaigalai sera vidu
* allow the desires to come together to join [let mine and your desire join..and not just stand apart]

one: nam mutham onnu
two: adhil etchil rendu
three: andha bodhaiyil marakkum kaalam moonu
* one: our kiss is one
* two: in that there are two saliva [of course..it must be a french kiss!]
* three: In that intoxication, (we) will forget the three times [basically past/present/future will be forgotten.. like we in a trance]

one: un meni onnu
two: adhil theni rendu
three: ennai kottum naale honey-moon-u
* one: your body/skin is one
* two: In that, there are two honey bees [hmm.. what he means by two honey-bees? not eyes.. something to do with the two-piece cloth?? I will leave it to your imagination.. :)]
* three: The day (the honeybee) strings me is (my/our) honey-moon [here there is no literal number three.. but nicely the word honeymoon is used... so when the above said parts hits him, he says it's honeymoon]

<..hey meow meow poona...>

This is such a fun filled hot sensuous song; I bet if Buddha had seen shriya in this song, he would have renounced his renunciation :) poor bodhi tree can't stand a chance wooing him back!

This style of asking one/two/three is something novel and it's cool to see really funny meanings; I was surprised it was not some junk list of words.. but well thought out list of the one-two-three lines. It's a style of asking something to denote 'one'.. something to denote 'two'..and coming up with a result to stand for 'three'

I love the double/tripple meanings..and so many hidden meanings in the lines...it's clean n naughty at the same time. and no words are needed for the picturization (wondering how one feels seeing this song when not sober! ;) ).

poona=cat, meesai=moustache, thimsu-kattai=a kind of body-building wt, like dumbell..made of wood (looks like a fat baseball bat), veedu=house, thaedal=to search, aana=promise, idhayam=heart, udal=body, paarvai=look, thoondum=to provoke, 'chu po'=like shoo away, vegam=speed, vetkam=shyness, modhal=hit/strike/bang, kaadhal=love, methai=bed, thookam=sleep, yudham=war/battle, iduppu=hip, uduppu=cloth, thadippu=mark on skin like a bite-mark/insect-bite (raised/bloated skin), koocham=shyness, kudu=give, dhegam=skin/body, novu=disease, aasai=wish, mutham=kiss, etchil=saliva, bodhai=intoxication, kaalam=time (like past/present/future), meni=body/skin of whole body, theni=honey-bee, kottum=to sting (like a bee)

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"enna solla pogiraai?" from kandukondein kandukondein

Song: Enna solla pogirai
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Music: A R Rehman
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan (won a Silver Lotus Award for Best Male playback singer for this song)
Actors: Ajith and Tabu

search keywords: "enna solla pogirai tamil song from kandukondein kandukondein movie"

enna solla pogiraai?
*What are you going to say?

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum
* It takes just one moment to say "no"

illai endra sollai thaanguvathu endraal..
* to withstand the "no" word
innum enakor jenmam vendum
* I need one more life-time (birth)

enna solla pogiraai?
* What are you going to say?

sandhana thendralai jannalgal dhandithal... nyaayama? nyaayama?
* For the windows to punish sandal breeze.. is it fair? is it fair?

kaadhalin kelviku kangalin bathil enna mounama? mounama?
* For the love's question, what are eye's answer? is it silence? is it silence?

anbe endhan kaathal solla nodi ondru pothume..
* (my) love, it takes just a moment to convey my love..
adhai naanum meipikkadhaane oru aayul vendume ..
* for me to prove it, I need one life-time

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum

illai endra sollai thaangu-vathu endraal..
innum enakor jenmam vendum

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai

sandhana thendralai jannalgal dhandithal.. nyaayama? nyaayama?

kaadhalin kelviku kangalil bathil enna.. mounama? mounama?

anbe endhan kaathal solla nodi ondru pothume..
adhai naanum meipikkadhaane oru aayul vendume ..

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum

illai endra sollai thaanguvathu endraal..
innum enakor jenmam vendum

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai

idhayam or kannaadi..unathu bimbam vizhunthathadi..
* (My) Heart is a mirror.. your image fell on it
idhuthaan un sondham idhayam sonnathadi
* Heart told (me), this is your relation [meaning: she is the One]

kannadi bimbam katta kayiru ondrum illaiyadi
* There is no rope to tie the image (that fell on the mirror)
kannadi oonjal bimbam aanathadi
* mirror image became a swing [literal: mirror swing image became]

nee ondru solladi penne
* You tell just a word, lady
illai nindru kolladi en kanne
* Or just stand and kill (me), my love [literal: my eyes]

endhan vaazhkaiye undhan vizhi viLambil
* My whole life is in the tips of your eyes
ennai thurathaadhe uyir karai yeraadhe
* Don't chase me.. or else my soul won't reach the shore

illai ena solla oru ganam pothum

illai endra sollai thaangu-vathu endraal..
innum enakor jenmam vendum

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai

sandhana thendralai jannalgal dhandithal.. nyaayama? nyaayama?

kaadhalin kelviku kangalin bathil enna.. mounama? mounama?

vidiyal vandha pinnaalum..vidiyaadha iravu edhu?
* Even after the sunrise, which is the night that hasn't finished yet?
poo vaasam veesum undhan koonthaladi
* It's your hair that is filled with fragrances of flowers

ivvulagam irunda pinnum..irulaadha baagam edhu?
* Even after this earth has darkened, what is that which hasn't become dark?
kadhir vandhu paayum undhan kangaladi
* It's your eyes that are filled with rays of light [literal: light that pierces from your eyes]

pala ulaga azhagigal koodi..un paatham kazhuvalaam vaadi
* Let a lot of world beauties gather and let (them/us) wash your feet..
en thalir malare..innum thayakkam enna? ennai puriyaatha
* my tender flower.. still why you hestitate? don't you understand me?
idhu vaazhvaa saava?
* is this life or death?

enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
nyaayama? nyaayama?
enna solla pogiraai
enna solla pogiraai
mounama? mounama?
enna solla pogiraai

The guy is seeking to know if his beloved is accepting his love or not. And he is pleading her to answer him; he shows desperation. The picturization of the song adds much beauty; the usage of the desert and the parched lands highlight the guy's desperation; the suggestion of thirst and the girl feeding him water relates to the guy's thirst for love.

He asks her whats her reply and in case she says no, he talks about how difficult it is for him to withstand it. The line talking about 'my soul won't reach shores' conveys a higher spiritual meaning -- in hinduism, each soul goes thru' several births to reach the ultimate destination, the Self (or the God/Existence). So one interpretation is he says if this desire of his is unfulfilled, he won't reach the ultimate destination.

The lines talking about bimbam (image/reflection) is a bit intriguing. I'm not fully sure of the meaning of 'kannaadi oonjal bimbam aanathu'; in the previous line.. it says the heart is the mirror (kannaadi). So translating literally, it means 'the heart swing has become image'.. this doesn't make sense.. I think he seems to convey her image in his heart has started to move like a swing/pendulum .. so 'kannadi bimbam oonjal aanathu' is what is implied so it's just a transposition of the words oonjal and bimbam. Let me know if you think of a different interpretation.

It's nice to see in the picturization, tabu does indeed answer "yes" by giving her hand :) she places her palm on ajith's. I like the line which says.. "let the beauties of the world wash your feet" and the shot where tabu looks at the camera (on the line which sings about the piercing rays of light from your eyes, it lasts for a fraction of a second). Also the lines that talk about her dark hair and powerful eyes.

BTW most lines end with 'di' .. it's a very informal/friendly way to address a girl in tamil.. like 'vaa' is 'to come'; vaadi is 'to come' addressed in a very colloquial/friendly way. similary 'po' is go.. 'podi' is go in an informal tone. Note this mode is also used in a disrespectful way in other situations.

enna=what, illai=no, sol=word, sandanam = sandal, thendral=breeze, jannal=window, jenman=life-time/(birth/death cycle), nyayam=fairness, kelvi=question, mounnam=silence, kaadhal=love, mei=true (meipikka=to make something true)

idhayam=heart, kannaadi=mirror, bimbam=image/reflection (as on a mirror/water), somdham=relation/relationship (like father/uncle/aunt), kattuthal = to tie (as in a rope), kayiru=rope, oojal=swing, kol=to kill, kann=eyes, vizhi=eyes, vizhambu=it's like the tip/rim of say a vessel/bucket (here comparing the eyes to be like a vessel/pot), vidiyal=sunrise, iravu=night, poo=flower, vaasam=fragrance, irunda=to get dark, paagam/baagam=part, ethu=which/what, kadhir=ray (of light), paayum=jump/pierce (as an arrow), ulagam=world, azhagi=beauty (lady), koodi=gather (as a meeting), paatham=feet, kazhuval=to wash/rinse (as to clean/purify), thalir=tender (as a newly formed leaf), malar=flower, thayakam=to hesitate, puriyum=to understand, vaazhvu=life, saavu=death

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English translation of tamil movie songs

I will post English translation of Tamil movie songs. I search for translations of hindi songs as I can't fully understand the lyrics; I thought there must be people who are not familiar with tamil who face similar needs. I hope this effort helps them enjoy a little more,the beauty of the songs. I'll write with the assumption that you may not be familiar with tamil/indian culture.

I will use English to write out tamil and not use tamil fonts; one it's easier to type out in English; two, people who are not familiar with tamil script can still read and understand the meaning. Of course I myself am not familiar using tamil fonts for writing :)

I will channel the efforts into capturing the poet's intention; as you know Tamil is a rich language and it's hard to translate some of the words. As time permits, in a more appropriate future time, I may subtitle the song and upload in youtube.

I appreciate your comments; feel free to offer alternate meanings/translations; I don't have access to the original lyrics and I rely on listening to capture the lyrics -- so there is a good chance I might have misrepresented the poet's intention (of course this adds it's own charm).. feel free to offer your alternate meanings.

To find the song, I suggest you use youtube/google search. The URL I list may go obsolete; but I'll list a few search keywords which will help you to locate the video/audio of the song on the net.

I will use simple fonts and structure; the English lines will start with a * (asterisk). At the end, I'll give a dictionary of some of the tamil words and my translation. Also I'll have a commentary section where I'll write the background/intention of the song so that you can see the big picture/mood for the song. And lastly, all the writings are my own interpretation and I would avoid prefixing most sentences with "I feel..", "I believe"..but just state them as fact. I would love to hear alternate interpretations and please do leave your thoughts in your comments.